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Praise the Lord

September 5, 2021

Have you ever thought about the difference between thanking and praising God? There are similarities between the two, because both focus on God. But the difference is in the Why. You thank God because of what He’s done for you personally. Maybe He answered your prayer in faith and healed you. Maybe He made a way for you to put food on your table, a roof over your head, pay your bills when you didn’t see a way possible. Maybe He answered your prayer to do something for your child or another loved one. When you thank God, you are showing Him gratitude for what He’s done, what He can do, or believing Him in faith for what He will do.

However, when you praise God, you are giving Him glory, celebrating Him, honoring, and worshipping Him not because of anything He’s done for you, but simply because of who He is. When you praise God, you are giving Him glory regardless of your situation. What He’s done for you is not even in the mix because you recognize that no matter what He’s already done enough.

When you praise God, you are keeping the focus ONLY on God and who He is- The great God Almighty- Creator of all that was, is, and all that is to come. You are praising Him for His mighty excellency above all other. You are praising Him for His unparalleled greatness like no other. You are praising Him for being the Lord of lords, and King of kings. You are praising Him for His incomparable magnificence, His divine unrivaled power. You are praising Him for doing what no one could or would ever do- send His only begotten Son to die on the cross for the sins of mankind and then to raise Him up so that death can be conquered, and salvation would be free to all who believe and accept Him into their heart. You are praising Him for being Father, you are praising Him for the Son, you are praising Him for the Holy Spirit. When you praise God, you are praising Him in the glory of His exceeding and abundant might. When you praise God, you are praising Him just for who He is, which is Everything to everyone. Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord.

Dear Father God,

Thank You Lord for the ability to praise You. Lord You are so worthy to be praised. Please forgive me Lord for all the missed opportunities to praise You. Lord without even a mention of all the things, far too many to name that You have done for me, right now, I just want to praise You for who You are. I just want to praise You, adore You, worship, and honor You for being God Almighty, the Great I am, Alpha and Omega, the beginning, and the end. Lord, I praise You for being the name above all names, because Your name alone is worthy to be praised. Father God, I acknowledge that Your greatness is far too vast for me to describe, as is Your omnipotent power, unrivaled strength, Your sacrificial love, Your abundant mercy, grace, and infinite understanding. Lord, I praise You for just being GOD and I live to praise You and will do so for as long as I live. And Lord when I leave this world, may I kneel at Your feet praising You still.

I Love You Lord,

In Jesus most holy name I pray,

Amen and Amen

Copyright © 2021 Dr. Lou Ella V. Taylor PhD, CNS, RN

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