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Check Your Baggage

July 10, 2022

Psalms 55:22

Cast thy burden upon the LORD, and He shall sustain thee: He shall never suffer the righteous to be moved.

1 Peter 5:7

Casting all your care upon Him; for He careth for you.

Matthew 11:28

Come unto Me, all ye that labour and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest.

Summer is full of many long-awaited exciting vacations and family trips. And don’t forget those fun solo trips. Some people will drive to their destination, taking the scenic route while enjoying the freedom of being able to stop anywhere along the way to get a bite to eat, rest, and capture the beautiful sites with their mind and/or camera.

Some people will cruise to their destination while others take a train. And then there are those who prefer to get to their destination quicker, or who are traveling out of the country and will therefore take a plane. The plane, maneuvering through the airport, perhaps connecting flights, and dealing with baggage, deciding whether to check it or not.

Sometimes we have the option to check our baggage or carry it on. Carrying your baggage on the plane has its conveniences. But then there are those times when you have connecting flights and/or you have a lot of baggage and carrying the baggage is just slowing you down. You could even miss your connecting flight, changing the landscape of your entire trip. That’s when you realize, you should've just checked your baggage, got rid of the load, and traveled light.

It's the same thing with the Lord, God gives us the option to check our baggage with Him and travel light. But we choose to hold onto our baggage, unnecessarily, which weighs us down, and slows us down, giving us one more thing to worry about, to deal with, to maneuver. Sometimes we check our baggage at the airport simply because we don't want to wait. We don't want to wait to have it checked. We don't want to wait for it to come up on the carousel. Sometimes, we’re afraid that it's going to get lost. And sometimes we check our baggage because we packed it with too many things anyway, causing it to exceed the weight limit to carry it on.

The difference between luggage and baggage is that luggage is the empty bag to store your belongings. Baggage is the bag with the contents. Baggage is what adds weight to your load. And sometimes, we have just too much baggage that we’re carrying. We have baggage from sin, bad habits, past trauma, present trauma, broken relationships, unfulfilled dreams, doubt, anger, fear, stress on our jobs, dealing with toxic people and toxic relationships, toxic systems of injustice, spiritual battles, and more.

Well God is saying to you, today check your baggage with Me. Let go of your sins, bad habits, pain from trauma, fear, and any and everything that prevents you from being all that I have created you to be, doing all that I have created you to do, and receiving all that I want to give you. And as far as holding on because you’re afraid of losing that thing or those things, including certain people, God is saying trust Me, some baggage, you should’ve lost a long time ago. As long as you have Me, you have ALL that you need.

The Lord is saying let go of your impatience and your need to control. Take the time to sit with Me, talk to Me, and check all your baggage with Me. Where I’m taking you, you need to travel light because You have a lot of ground to cover and a lot that I want to give to you, and your hands, heart, mind, body, spirit, and soul need to be free to receive My blessings.

So, give all your baggage to the Lord today, right now. And don’t be afraid to say Oh Lord, I forgot, I’m checking another bag and another one and another one. With the Lord you can do this as many times a day as you need. He never gets tired and there’s never a charge. Enjoy the freedom of living for the Lord at your highest level. Check your baggage with the Lord today.

Please join me in this prayer:

Dear Father God,

Thank You Lord for the opportunity to check our baggage with You right now. Lord, there are so many things that we are carrying that weigh us down. Lord, there are things that are known to us, and hidden things that we have yet to realize. Reveal those hidden things Lord, especially those things that weigh us down so that we can check that baggage with You too. Lord, I give any baggage to You right now so that I can be free to travel light, to do Your will and to receive Your blessings. Take all the baggage Lord so that we can walk in Your freedom and serve You at our highest level. We give You all the glory, praise, and honor.

In Jesus most precious and holy name we pray, thank You Lord,


Copyright © 2022 Dr. Lou Ella V. Taylor PhD, CNS, RN

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