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The Mercy, Grace, and Favor of The Lord

December 12, 2021

Deuteronomy 7:9

Know therefore that the LORD Thy God, He is God, the faithful God, which keepeth covenant and mercy with them that love Him and keep His commandments to a thousand generations;

1 Chronicles 16:34

O give thanks unto the LORD; for He is good; for His mercy endureth for ever.

Psalms 13:6

I will sing unto the LORD, because He hath dealt bountifully with me.

Mercy and grace are two sides of the same coin. Mercy is the quality of showing pity, compassion, or forgiveness to someone. It is also not giving someone the punishment that they rightfully deserve. Grace is unmerited favor, meaning the person didn’t do anything to deserve the good they received. Grace is like mercy in that the person is shown kindness and support. In both cases, the person extending mercy and grace is the one with the power and the One with the ultimate power is God.

God’s mercy reaches far beyond a person’s deeds. If God really paid us according to what we’ve done, no one would escape the punishment rightfully deserved. And God’s grace extends far beyond a person’s works, because if God meted out grace according to works, no one could or would have works good enough to compare to God’s unmerited blessings. Therefore, without God’s mercy and grace, no one would be able to stand.

God’s mercy and grace is divine. His mercy and grace is unparalleled. God’s mercy and grace is wrapped in His great love that is so pure, gentle, kind, forgiving, and eternal. Give thanks unto the Lord, for His mercy endureth forever and His grace has no end.

Dear Father God,

Thank You Lord for Your great mercy and grace that You have bestowed upon me and all mankind. Lord I know that it’s because of Your mercy and grace that I am alive today to serve You. It is because of Your mercy and grace that I have hope and blessings untold. Lord, I am so humbled by Your divine mercy and Your unmerited favor and grace that You have shown me over, and over, and over again. Lord I pray that You forgive me for any, and all times that I did not show You gratitude as I should have and took Your mercy and grace for granted. I love You Lord with my whole heart, and I ask that through Your Holy Spirit, You help me to keep Your commandments. I give You thanks and glory due Your holy name, because Lord You are good and Your mercy endures forever and Your grace has no end.

In Jesus name I pray,


Copyright © 2021 Dr. Lou Ella V. Taylor PhD, CNS, RN

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